Wise & Wealthy Woman

This is a journey to work on your money beliefs, blocks and so much more! This is the transformation so many spiritual entreprenuers have been searching for. 

The program consists of four sessions over 8 weeks, 90 minute sessions online via Zoom. 

Past life – We will be looking at past lives & any residual energy carried over that may be preventing you from being wealthy in this life.
You will gain insight into behaviours and patterns that may have been blocking you in this life
This will help you to move on from patterns that were keeping you stuck in a lack or poverty mindset. 

This week you will gain insight into learned behaviours from your childhood. Exploring these will support you in  changing the patterns,  mindset and beliefs you were taught as a child.  You can begin to  create a new mindset and set of behaviours. You will build a new relationship with money. 

This week we will take a look at money blocks, beliefs, behaviours patterns in your life right now.
You'll begin to take  action and feel empowered by looking at your finances and taking steps to eliminate debt, you will be taking the neccesary steps to  financial freedom

This week you will be rewriting your money story, looking to the future with a new empowered mindset.
Creating a new relationship with money for the future enables you to charge prices that feel good, be  paid what you are worth and feel really good about. 

We will meet bi weekly for 90 minutes on Zoom 

Cost- €888