Unlock Your Divine Feminine Power - Womb Healing

Reconnect with your sacred source, transform your life and business

Are you a woman on a transformative journey? Whether you're a thriving businesswoman, in the exciting process of birthing a new venture, or simply sensing the inner stirrings of your wise woman within, the Womb Healing session holds profound benefits for you. In a world steeped in patriarchy, we've seen the sacredness of our wombs relegated to the shadows. From the medicalization of childbirth to the societal and religious pressures placed upon our feminine essence, our connection to this powerful space has been strained. Yet, the womb is no ordinary place. It's a sacred portal where something magical manifests from seemingly nothing. To create a life that resonates with your deepest desires, to manifest the dreams that dance in your heart, and to birth a business that aligns with the very essence of your soul, you must first establish a strong foundation. The Womb Healing session serves as that foundational step. Even if you're already at the helm of a thriving business, this session can be your compass, guiding you to fortify the very core of your being.This isn't just a healing session; it's a reclamation of your divine power. It's an invitation to step into your wise woman essence, where the seeds of your dreams are nurtured, and the foundation for your desired life and purposeful business is lovingly laid.

Are You Ready to Unlock Your Sacred Power?

.This profound journey begins with a single step. The Womb Healing session is your opportunity to unlock the sacred power within. It's the first stride towards embracing your wise woman essence, where the seeds of your dreams flourish, and the foundation for your desired life and purposeful business is lovingly laid. 

You will embark on an experiential journey into the inner temple of your womb. With the support of Caitriona's guidance and her guides, Mary Magdalene and the Shining Ones, you will:

  • Experience Emotional Freedom: Release the heavy burdens of shame, guilt, anger, bitterness, and past-life trauma that may be restricting your growth.
  • Rediscover Inner Wholeness: Reconnect with the forgotten pieces of yourself, resulting in a more integrated and harmonious existence.
  • Rekindle Vitality and Life Force: Tap into the pure light within your womb, revitalizing your life force energy and feeling more alive.
  • Align Your Business with Soul's Purpose: Experience an alignment between your business and your soul's purpose, leading to greater authenticity and fulfillment.
  • Ignite Creativity: Unlock your creative potential as your womb space is cleared and energetically aligned.
  • Master Manifestation: Learn to manifest your goals and desires with increased clarity and effectiveness.
  • Strengthen Business Foundations: Even if your business thrives, this session offers a fresh perspective and renewed energy to ensure continued growth in alignment with your evolving self.

What you will experience -

This one-hour session is a multifaceted healing experience that includes:

  • Akashic Records Healing: Delve into the Akashic Records to uncover and heal deeply rooted patterns and issues.
  • Shamanic Healing: Connect with shamanic practices to mend the energetic fabric of your being.
  • Intuitive Guidance : Benefit from Caitriona's intuitive insights to guide your healing journey. 

This one-hour session will leave you feeling:

  • Emotionally liberated and light.
  • Whole and complete within.
  • Vibrant and connected to your inner power.
  • Aligned with your soul's purpose.
  • Bursting with creative ideas.
  • Empowered to manifest your dreams.
  • Your business foundations strengthened.


Invest in Your Divine Feminine Essence

This isn't just a session; it's a sacred reconnection to your divine feminine power. It's a profound step towards living a life that resonates with your deepest desires and creating a purpose-driven business that mirrors your soul's mission.

Unlock your divine feminine power.

Book your Womb Healing session now and embrace a life and business filled with alignment, clarity, and confidence.

Investment: €97

Duration: 1 hour

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Disclaimer: Results may vary based on individual experiences and dedication to the healing process.