Earth Alchemy

It's no secret the planet is in turmoil. We need to do something to turn things around. 

It's my belief that the more we connect with nature, learn about her healing gifts - herbs, flower essences, essential oils & listen to the whispers of the trees or the plants, the better chance we have of survival. 

The more we are aware of this connection, the more we come into alignment with our true selves and what it is we want for our own lives. 

The quieter we become, the more we learn to just BE, the more we can see the bigger picture and how we want things to be for future generations. 

It starts and ends with us and our relationship to the earth. 

We all know that being outdoors in the fresh air clears our heads and makes us feel good.

You know that for thousands of years our ancestors lived very close to the earth and in all cultures they had a great love and reverence for the natural world around them, they had celebrations to honour the earth and her gifts, they relied on her for their food and shelter. 

Nothing has changed. Except for the fact that with advances in the modern world we humans are just more removed from nature and have lost our connection. 


Think of a time when you were out in nature and you were just in awe of the beauty. 

You were likely in a great mood, you felt inspired, you felt love and gratitude for the planet you call home. 

That feeling was you conecting with nature,  your heart coming into resonance with the heart of mother earth. 

You felt aligned, and happy and had a zest for life - you felt connected to something greater than yourself.

The natural world, the plants, trees, flowers, stones. birds & animal, the rivers, mountains, streams,  are part of nature & we are too. 

When we bring ourselves into harmony with nature, we can hear the Earth whisper. 

It's very subtle, sometimes very faint but the more we listen the more we can train ourselves to hear. 

She has so much wisdom, so many healing gifts!

So much to teach us & so much love! 

There will be workshop in flower & vibrational essences from September 2020 learn more here

There are more workshops planned for early 2021 bringing together earth energies, shamanic practices, reclaiming our inner Wise Woman, plant spirit medicine & more! 

To register your interest, contact  me, I will email you with details as they are finalised. 


Meet your guide

I'm Caitriona, I have been working in the field of holistic therapies for 20 years now, I have a background in Sports therapy, acupuncture & sound therapy. 

I am trained as a herbalist, flower & vibrational essence therapist and aromatherapist. I am mad about nature and I am on a mission to help people connect with the earth in any way I can. 

I trained in flower essences in 2012 and I fell in love with them ! I have used them in some shape or form in my life everyday since!

I have used them in every situation I am faced with . I often joke with people when they tell me about an issue in their lives & say " there's an essence for that"! ( there is!) . 

They are simple to learn, simple to use and are just a joyous gift for us from nature.