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During an energy healing session I did with my community recently we cleared a lot of energy around the topic of surrender.

When it came up I was intrigued, I hadn’t expected it but hey my guides usually know better than I do about what my tribe need. So I went with it and it turned out to be a beautiful healing and participants reported feeling big shifts in their energy as a result.

Why do we need to talk about surrender anyway?

Well if you know anything about the law of attraction you will know that you set your intention, ask for what you desire and then you let it go to the universe.

Of course there action is required but one of the most important things is to let go.There is a balance that needs to be had between asking for what we desire and visualising the dream and holding on too tight.

How many times have you asked the universe for something, then the following day you ask again, just in case the universe hasn’t heard you & you’re just making sure they heard you?

I have! It’s like making a pizza order and then ringing back 10 times just to make sure they got your order!! We trust that when we make the pizza order they have got it and that soon enough the correct pizza is on the way.

So whey don’t we do this with life?

 Each and every one of us has had so many experiences in life that have contributed to our unwillingness to let go of control and our inability to trust.

We have had experiences where we were disappointed and we made agreements with ourselves that we would never let that happen again, that we will always be in control and we will never trust others.

We have had experiences that have occurred again and again that compounded that agreement and so we now have beliefs.

We might believe no one can be trusted or I need to do it all myself, if you want it done properly do it yourself and many many more beliefs.

So then we decide to manifest our dream life, you think a vison board would be nice or a list of our BIG life goals. Then crickets, things are not showing up the way you thought they would and you get disappointed and now a new belief is forming, this manifesting stuff doesn’t work for me!

So now is the time to dig around and uncover those beliefs and agreements.


Good old fashioned pen and paper! Light a candle, make some herbal tea, have some quiet time and ask yourself.

When have I felt like I could not trust people, where was that, and how did I feel? Memories will come up and you will likely feel uncomfortable but just let the pen flow and write it out, you can burn the page later on to release these agreements and beliefs.

Do this as many times as you need to with each memory that surface. By releasing old patterns you will be making room for more good in your life and for new beliefs.

New beliefs 

Now that you have uncovered the limiting beliefs and agreements you made in the past around surrender and trust, you can bring new beliefs into your life.

The best way I have discovered to bring these new beliefs and mindsets into my life is through affirmation. The work of Louise Hay is one of my favourites.

Here are some affirmations you can use to bring surrender, trust and to embrace the flow of life.

I trust the universe will bring me what I need

I embrace the flow of life

I trust in the process of life

I lovingly release the past and turn my attention to this new day, all is well

I trust the process of life to bring me my highest good.

I surrender to the flow of life and I trust that the universe is conspiring in my favour.

I let go and trust.


What if you just let go?

I know that there is so much uncertainty in life right now and I know that the default is to hold on tight & brace yourself amidst the chaos.

During the healing session I was reminded of a Tv advertisement here in Ireland, it’s called Float to Live.

It talks about if you ever find yourself immersed in open cold water like the sea. Your natural instinct is to fight & scramble, but with the shock of the cold it can be hard to stay above water and this natural instinct can actually lead to drowning.

The ad tells us to float if you want to live.

This obviously isn’t the same as being immersed in dangerous cold water, but you get the idea.

In times where you feel like you want to grapple with uncertainty, want to fight against the chaos and to grip on tight to your dreams.

Embrace flow, surrender and float.


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  1. Caroline Kiernan

    I love it Caitriona. Makes perfect sense to me. Tge comparison between ordering a pizza and asking the universe for something is genius. We make like complicated. Life can be simple if we surrender & just float. Much love & blessings to you. Keep up the good work. Xx

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  2. Julianne

    I found this very helpful, thank you

    Posted on

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