A Little bit about me!

I'm Caitriona,

I live in Leixlip, Co Kildare with my family. 

My superpowers are that I am down to earth, yet very spiritual.

Someone once wrote after a session " If you are looking for a "pink, soft and fluffy" session, don't come here but if you are looking for someone who knows her stuff and says it how it is but in a completely safe and gentle enviornment, then Caitriona Hicks is your lady!".

I took this as a compliment of my ability to hold a safe space for your healing in a practical down to earth manner that is accesible to anyone.  

I have been practicing holistic therapies & acupuncture for more than 20 years.

I have seen hundreds of clients and treated them with great success. After this amount of time I have been through it all, from not charging for sessions to hiding my true self. I spent years spinning my wheels, self sabotaging, thinking I wasn't good enough and had a huge lack of self confidence, my business suffered and so did my health. 

Luckily I was guided to mentors and teachers who held safe space for me to let go of old mindsets and beliefs, to release the baggage I was holding onto and to claim my space in the world to do the work I am truly passionate about. That is to to support women like you to be your wisest, truest, most radiant self! 

Some fun facts about me:

  • I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up, I used put my little sisters in the wardrobe with me and pretend it was a spaceship. Some say I am still a space cadet! 
  • I'm usually barefoot unless I have to go somewhere that requires shoes.
  • And even though I don't have any desire to be an astronaut nowadays I am still on a mission albiet a very different one!


My Credentials

  • Diploma & Licentiate Acupuncture - Acupuncture Foundation Ireland. 
  • 1st Affiliated Hospital Nanjing China, October 2008. Qualification: Licentiate Clinical Placement
  • Traditional Irish Herbalist at Brighids Academy of Healing Arts. 
  • Certificate in Patent remedies of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine - Landsowne College of Chinese medicine, Dublin
  • Flower & Vibrational essence practitioner - Essentially Flowers training.
  • University College Dublin - Women, Gender & Social Justice
  • Women's Shamanic Studies at Dragon School of Her Studies
  • Moon Mná Celtic Women's Circle Facilitator - Moonmná.ie
  • Celtic Medicine Wheel with Noirin Rooney, Herbalist, Shaman & Wise Woman. 
  • Star of Gaia Priestess Process with Sara Estelle Turner
  • Akashic Records pracitioner & energy healing - Akashic Records Institute