Soulful Business Alchemy

Who is this for? 

This program is for you if you are a spiritual business owner, coach, healer, lightworker, energy healer, holistic therapist or similar.

You have been going it alone for a while now and you know you need support in your endeavours. 

You want  the support of someone who understand you and your business and passions. 

You know you have a bigger purpose and you are ready to take steps to live that purpose. 

You have a business and you have been doing well but you know you need to uplevel and you know that you can do that best with support. 

You know there is  a need for more healers on the planet at this time in the earths history and you feel deeply that you must rise alongside the other healers to be a guiding light right now! 

You have had enough of the feast or famine mindset & are ready to tackle your money blocks so that you can thrive doing work you love, while helping others. 

You are ready for magic, manifesting & miracles!!

Why should I take this journey?

Your business always requires attention but not in the traditional way of working hard, always be busy or pushing to be more, earn more and achieve more. 

There is a new way to do business that requires us to go within, to be more feminine, to create with flow and ease, to be less busy and to just BE. 

It requires us to look at our internal ecology, how you feel about yourself, your core beliefs and your attitude has a huge impact on your business and how it grows.

Taking a journey with me to look within & also connect to the soul of your business will give you the clarity, confidence, direction & flow you crave in your business. 

Allowing yourself to receive support will ease the feelings responsiblity and be held in a safe space. 

Alchemy: A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

"Alchemy is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained"

This is what I want for you and your business.

  • I want you to transform your life and business into something truly magical. 
  • I want to support you as you build a solid foundation in your business that will support you for years to come. 
  • A business that not only sustains but fulfills you too. 
  • I want you to wake up each morning with enthusiasm and excitment for your life and your work. 
  • I want you to build your business so that you are financially independent. 
  • I want you to make the impact on the world you desire.
  • I want you to be able to support the causes that are close to your heart because isn't that what it's all about, when we rise we can support others to do the same. 
  • I want you to have magic and miracles everyday!

To have all of that and more, there has got to be transformation, meaning: 

You have got to do the inner work

You have go to go within

You have to let go of all that is holding you back. 

And you have to do it over and over. 

There is no other way, believe me I have tried! 

The good news is with me as your supporter and guide I can help you get to where you want to go a hell of a lot quicker than I did! 

I have gathered the tools, the techniques and the how to's. 

I have done the work and I am here to guide you to do the same. 

Transformation - a marked change in form, nature, or appearance.


Here is how you can work with me: 

I know as a spiritual business woman there are so many coaches out there to choose from. 

So I wanted to make it as easy for you to work with me as possible. 

I have created the program that I wished I had when I was seeking a mentor.

When you choose to work with me we will -

  • Tackle your most limiting beliefs & fears, letting go of what no longer serves you and your business.
  • This will allow space for new energy to burst into your business!
  • Your confidence and self esteem will rise as you let go of old beliefs and work with affirmations and forgiveness to embed a more empowering mindset programmed for success!
  • You will be ready to take inspired action & feel more confident in your ability to create and build your dream business

You will -

  • Gain confidence &  clarity on the future 
  • You will be feeling ready to do the work you are meant to be doing.
  • You will know what products and services you offer and at what price point. 
  • You will feel confident that you  can be financially independent.
  • You will be ready for action, having already been tilling the soil & sowing the seed throughout the program you'll be feeling confident about your future and the future of your business.
  • Now you just need to be patient, take aligned actions and watch your business bloom! 

8 Week Business Alchemy Journey

Week 1
We will chat about where you are at in your business, where you want to go, what you want to get out of our time together. Tune into your akashic records for your business (the soul of your business). We will hit the ground running and do some inner work, letting go and more! 

Week 2


I  truly believe that getting clear on your purpose will bring  peace of mind and a sense of ease.  That ease and flow will spill over into all areas of your life because you will now be  clear on your purpose & you can move on to living on purpose! 
You will be feeling positive & excited about life, knowing you can do came here to do!

Week 3
Your unique gifts & message

Although purpose and gifts are very similar, it is worth exploring your unique gifts and talents. What you can bring from your life experience & past life experiences to your business! Everyone has a message to share with the world, sometimes we just don't know what that is, but once you are clear on your message you will want to shout it from the roof tops! 

You will know in your heart that there is no competition because we all  have unique gifts that no one else has.  No two businesses will ever be the exactly the same, just like no two people are. Your confidence will soar once you believe in your unique set of talents. You will be motivated and ready for action because you know you have a mission now and a message to share.

Week 4 - Energy Healing session -  we will work energetically to clear limiting beliefs,  gain clarity, confidence or anything else that has surfaced in the past few weeks. 

Soulful Business Alchemy Journey

Week 5 -   Check in  We will use this week to check in on your progress & tuning into the soul of your business and see if there is anything you need to address that we haven't already or that came up in the last 4 weeks working together. 

Week 6 - Ideal clients

This week we will take a look at who you best serve with your unique gifts. There is a saying that if you try to serve everyone, you will end up serving no one! 
Having clarity on who you serve gives you a sense, ease, flow because you will only ever work with people you can help best. You will love your clients and your clients will  love you! 

Week 7 - Offerings, services & products 

Knowing what you offer makes it so much easier to communicate with your ideal clients.
Getting clear on offerings, programs & services gives you structure in your business. Structure equals freedom, giving you more time to focus on what you really want to offer instead of what you think you should.

Week 8 -  Energy Healing - releasing what no longer serves you, helping to gain even more clarity on your next steps in your business. 

How to book

You will most likely have had a soulful business alchemy session with me & now you are ready to take the next step. 

You can contact me on this form Contact me Or in the usual way we connected before. 

The cost of the program right now is €888, payment plans are available.